Tabiano organic farm is located in the heart of Tuscany, nestled amongst the hills in the immediate vicinity of Siena, approximately 250 meters above sea level and covering an area of 435 hectares. The land is divided among arable, pasture, olive groves, vineyards and woodlands.

The farm structure represents a typical example of rural central Italy, which has evolved through the passing phases of sharecropping thus creating this beautiful landscape with it’s wonderful features all characteristic of this fascinating region.

The family is the element that has always characterized our activities. For generations the Calafiore family have been working in agriculture and animal husbandry.
The combination of both agriculture and livestock rearing has created a closed loop which has been and continues to be of benefit to both the business and the environment.
The land is cultivated in accordance with organic farming production guidelines (this same method is also used for the care of our animals), under certification ICEA: therefore no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used. We instead seek to take advantage of the natural fertility of the soil by favouring crop rotation which promotes the biodiversity of the environment.
Fields are fertilized with the manure produced by the sheep and the sheep are fed with what is produced on those same lands.
A cycle where everything rotates around maintaining a balance.
The wooded/forested areas play an important role in the sustaining this balance, in addition to providing firewood and shelter for the animals, it maintains wild plants and animal species which in turn is also important in the protection of the ecosystem.

To reduce the inevitable impact that human activity generates on the environment, the company is in the process of securing energy self-sufficiency through the use of energy from renewable sources. An important first step in this development has been the installation of photovoltaic systems on buildings for agricultural use.

Soc. agr. Tabiano di Calafiore S. e figli s.s.
strada di Basciano n. 16 Monteriggioni 53035 (SI)
iscritta all'ufficio del registro delle imprese di Siena REA: 133022
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